Aliko Dangote Finally Replies Shatta Bandle | Checkout

shatta bandle and dangote
shatta bandle and dangote

Internet sensation shatta bundle has finally gotten a sensible reply from the richest man in Africa himself.

Shatta bandle who became popular through flaunting of money and also shading the successful and rich people in Africa for fame.

Though his strategy to acquire this fame has really help him a lot by taking him to places, been featured on music videos of popular musician rudeboy and also perform on stage at Nigerian fashion show.

Well after months of making the noise of being richer than Alhaji Aliko Dangote on social media, the billionaire has finally clarified the issue of being wealthier than someone else in Africa in a recent interview.

Aliko Dangote said:

I can not compare myself to anyone in terms of wealth. If anyone claims that he is rich than me, I do not see any harm in that. I’m not competing with anyone, I have my things and I’m happy with what I have. I have nothing to prove to anyone… I have been recognized for the work I have done.

Nice reply from dangote,life is not a race and overtaking is always allow.


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