Video: Ghanaian Lady Drag Her A$$ [email protected] On the Street To Curse A Guy That Dumped Her


Broken Heart the only object or instrument that can tear or break a human flesh (heart to be precise) without even penetrating into the body.

Most painful thing in this era now but some women are able to get over it easy, quick and move on with their lives but not this woman here.

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Here is a short video of a Ghanaian lady reigning curses upon curses on a gentleman who torn/break her heart into pieces by dragging her butt0cks on the street in daylight and pouring alc0hol.

This lady whose boyfriend left her for another woman cursed her ex – boyfriend not to be able to get anything that makes him happy in this life; never being rich, not having children and others. Watch video Below;

Before a lady str!ps [email protected] to curse a guy tells how much she has invested in that relationship.

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