People Who [email protected] Regularly Are More Likely To Be Managers At Work – According To A 2019 Survey By Univia.


This sounds weird but it said to be a survey by a company called UNIVIA in the United State of American that regular [email protected] are more likely to be managers and big-time earners. Am sure some guys are really happy about this news but ask your yourself if you are really earning much after your tons of [email protected]

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Some people will be wondering what/which company is UNIVIA? The answer is UNIVIA is a lifestyle and wellness company that is promising to change the direct sales industry with the first full integration of digital marketing.

Now a new survey by Univia has revealed that people who regularly [email protected] are more likely to be managers at work

If you want to excel in your career, it might be time for some self-loving, if the results of a new survey are anything to go by.The survey by Univia has revealed that people who regularly [email protected] are more likely to be managers at work.

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In the survey, 1,012 people were asked about their [email protected] habits, as well as their job.The results revealed that people who [email protected] at least once a week are more likely to excel in almost every way in the workplace.


Univia explained: “They were more likely to be employed, more likely to hold management positions, and more likely to earn higher salaries.”

Delving deeper into the results, the researchers found that infrequent [email protected] earned an average salary of $44,006 (£35,876), while those who [email protected] once a week earned $47,076 (£38,381) on average.

Meanwhile, regular [email protected] were 8% more likely to ask for a raise. While the reason for this link remains unclear, the researchers suggest that [email protected] could help to improve your self-confidence.

They explained: “The boost in self-confidence that [email protected] was previously shown to cause may be one major contributor to higher paychecks, for it can take a certain amount of confidence and bravery to ask your boss for a raise.

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“In other words, [email protected] may be correlating with the self-confidence boost needed to ask your supervisor to pay for what you deserve.”




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