Video: Those born on Sunday are weak in bed, Monday borns are Girl Snatchers whiles Thursday borns are stingy; A Slayqueen details her Research [Watch Full Video]


It’s nothing but true that a day one is born speaks volume about the behaviour or if you like character of the person. Scientifically, Astrologist takes care of this phenomenon.

Ideally, those born on Sunday are expected to behave in a certain pattern which won’t be the same as those born on Friday or any other day.

Now, there’s this viral footage on social media that all Ghanaian lady trying her possible best to spell out unique behaviour of guys using their birthdays. We can’t tell if she has any astrology background but it might be born our of experience.

The lady identified as Yaabaakop3 was heard in the viral footage throwing jabs at Thursday borns by calling them as stingy especially when they’re in relationships. Besides, she called out Sunday male borns as having low sperm count. Simply, most of them perform abysmal in bed.

Watch Video Here;



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